A letter to our Parents

A letter to our parents
A letter to our parents

A Letter to Our Parents

This year Your student will Learn To:  Think critically  - Analyze information  - Make Connections - Be Precise - Envision Solutions - Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively - Explain and Justify

In our school Learning won’t be easy - We will make easy happen through hard work and learning - We will ASK your student TO WORK HARD and we will EXPECT them TO WORK HARD - They will solve problems – THEY WILL STRUGGLE - They will try - They will mess up - They will learn from their mistakes - They will try again – They will learn to be good citizens and we will expect them to speak and act appropriately - They won’t give up - They will PERSEVERE. - They Will Be Great

It’s okay not to know, but it’s not okay not to try - If they don’t understand an assignment, ask for help - It is YOUR STUDENT who makes a commitment to learn - THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY FOR LEARNING IS THEIRS.  NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR THEM - THEY get out of Learning exactly what they put into it . . . SO DARE your student TO BE REMARKABLE!!!

We are here to TEACH your student, INSPIRE them and help them LEARN.  We’ll Do OUR PART, won’t you help US!     . . .

Have a Great Year . . . .    Sincerely,  Your School Family
Collective Commitments
Central School staff shall:
Understand each student
Teach higher-order thinking(critical thinking skills)
Promote diversity
Be a model of lifelong learners
Spread the message that while FAILURE IS AN OPTION -- GIVING UP IS NOT!

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